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Daily Insanity

(Daily = Infrequent and Irregular)

2 February 1985
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I am flower named allegrox !
I consist of my friends!
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accents, agnosticism, alphabets, anime, anthropology, apples, art, artifical languages, being crazy, being lazy, bisexual, bisexuality, board games, boobs, books, breasts, cabbit, canada, cheese, chinese food, chocolate, computer programming, computers, confusing myself, confusing people, conlanging, conlangs, constructed languages, cowboy bebop, cuddling, customization, day dreaming, deep thoughts, digital art, dire penguins, donnie darko, douglas adams, dragons, drawing, eating, elves, enya, esperanto, fantasy, fantasy books, fonts, fountain pens, geeks, gmail, google, graphic design, grun, handwriting, helium-3 fusion, hentai, history, hobbits, html, hugs, india ink, intarweb, interests, internet, ipa, j.r.r. tolkien, japanese, jon stewart, jpop, jrock, kanji, languages, leather, letterpress, linguistics, literature, long lists, lord of the rings, lower geldorian, macintosh, macs, manga, masticating, megatokyo, memes, moon, moonlight, mp3s, mythology, ninjas, novels, omniglot, orthographies, osx, painting, pastels, pens, phonetics, photography, photoshop, pirated software/music, pocky, poetry, powerbooks, pr0n, procrastination, quikscript, reading, robert jordan, rpgs, runes, school uniforms, sci-fi, science fiction, science fiction books, serial experiments: lain, shakespeare, shavian, shaw alphabet, sleep, sleeping, songs, spelling reform, star wars, stealing interests, stories, studded leather, stuff, sushi, swords, the wiccan rede, theban, tolkien, unicode, useless knowledge, webcomics, webdesign, wikipedia, words, world building, wot, writing, writing systems, yaoi, yoi, yuri, π, , 日本語